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PowerCONVERTER has been upgraded to the much improved iSpring Pro converter available HERE.
The converted Flash presentation will look and function just like your PowerPoint presentation PLUS you will have all the benefits of Flash:
  • Easy distribution on the Web or CD-ROM
  • Greatly reduced file size
  • Stream the presentation with Audio and Video
  • A secure and tamper proof format
  • Single File output option for easy management
  • Viewing Capabilities with or without Player
PowerCONVERTER accurately converts your PowerPoint presentation to Flash and retains all of your special effects:
  • Player format or Single file output
  • Batch Mode Converts Multiple PowerPoints At Once
  • Narration & Continuous Audio
  • Inserted Video & Flash
  • Entrance & Exit Animations
  • Transitions
  • Hyperlinks
  • Auto Advance or On Click
Examples: Converted PowerPoint Audio
Embedded Flash Animations, Narration

PPT size: 18.1MB
Flash Size: 4.23MB
Reduced: 77%

PPT Size: 26 MB
Flash Size: 4.92 MB
Reduced: 81%
Narration W/ Player

PPT Size: 21.2MB
Flash Size: 895KB
Reduced: 96%
Continuous Audio

PPT Size: 14 MB
Flash Size: 1.96 MB
Reduced: 86%
Examples: Converted PowerPoint Video
Video Conversion

PPT Size: 8.12 MB
Flash Size: 1.47 MB
Reduced: 82%
video Conversion

PPT Size: 5.38 MB
Flash Size: 1.49 MB
Reduced: 72%
Video Conversion

PPT Size: 10.9 MB
flash Size: 2.38 KB
Reduced: 82%
Video Conversion

PPT Size: 31.5 MB
Flash Size: 7.7 MB
Reduced: 82%
Examples: Converted PowerPoint Animations
PPT Size: 3.78 MB
Flash Size: 1.86 MB
Reduced: 51%
Video Conversion

PPT Size: 6.86 MB
Flash Size: 887 KB
Reduced: 82%
Embedded Flash Animations

PPT Size: 9.72 MB
Flash Size: 2.47 MB
Reduced: 75%
PPT Size: 5.5 MB
Flash Size: 944 KB
Reduced: 81%

Player Option When You Save to Flash
Learn more about the PowerCONVERTER
Learn about PowerCONVERTER
System Requirements
Windows: 98, 2000, XP, Vista
PowerPoint 2000, XP/2002, 2003, 2007
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