Learn a useful trick to cut a shape in PowerPoint. Create many useful diagrams like circular arrows using this simple idea.

Cut shapes by using lines in the same color as the slide background:
When you draw lines in the same color as the slide background on an auto shape, the shape appears to be cut along the lines you drew. Let us see a practical example of the principle by cutting an auto shape.

Go to Auto shapes menu and select ‘Frame’ tool under Basic shapes:

Change the fill color to black and remove outline.

We will divide this shape into 4 pieces to indicate circular arrows.Go to ‘line’ tool in auto shapes menu and use the Chevron tool to draw an arrow by connecting two line segments at 45°. Thicken the line by increasing the weight of the line to 6 pts.

Place this arrow shape on all four sides of the ‘Frame’ shape you drew earlier:

When you change the line color to white – which is the color of the slide background, the frame gets divided into 4 segments as shown below:

You can then enter relevant text and create a diagram template as shown below:

Here is another diagram template we created using the same technique:

Notice how we divided the doughnut shape in the middle into 4 segments using simple white lines.

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